[PS4] H: Plan: Mirelurk King Tube // W: Cap Offers

2021.09.23 03:23 xMystifyy [PS4] H: Plan: Mirelurk King Tube // W: Cap Offers

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2021.09.23 03:23 traveljg LPT: When writing personalized messages inside blank greeting cards, trace the perimeter of the card onto a piece of paper. Write your message before writing in the card. It will be perfectly spaced and it ensures you’ll never run out of room.

I buy blank greeting cards to write personalized messages. As does my partner. She tends to have to write on the other side of the card as she runs out of room. I let her know this trick to never run into that problem. :)
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2021.09.23 03:23 Arcanumex Black dude in the back is doing the “hol up” expression

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2021.09.23 03:23 vintvoo After install PNG, nice graphic mod, welcome to hell

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2021.09.23 03:23 NewsElfForEnterprise ‘Shang-Chi’ Disney Plus release delayed, but Marvel has a big surprise

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2021.09.23 03:23 Rimpossipible Is my DM jerk or am I overreacting?

Hi. I am a player. We have been playing for 6 months. Players ages between 20 and 26. We play Waterdeep Dragonheist module. DM said it will be social encounter heavy. We said okey.
My character met a rogue NPC and had a little crush. It didnt affect game very much. We only talked about that during roleplay a few times, while drinking with other PCs. We went a few missions with this rogue NPC but I didnt even make a move once. Yes, I looked for an opportunity but we were after bad guys most of the time and I wouldnt flirt during a time like that. I also acted cool when I was with this rogue NPC.
This bothers DM a lot. He doesnt like romance between PC and NPC. You can think that sexuality bothers him but it is not the case. I would respect that but his favorite NPC attracts woman all the time. This charming NPC is always with us. He is really idiot but he always find a woman to have sex. Sexuality between NPC and NPC is okey for him. He even gave too detailed information about how his favorite NPC is s popular around women.
I dont have spesific expectation. I dont want him to make something roleplay heavy. We can handle that in a narrative way in 5-10 seconds. It is enough if he says 'Okey you go out with her and it was a good night' or 'roll d20 if it is not high enough she wont meet you again'
I talked about that and he was so clear. He doesnt like romance between NPC and PC. We have to be forever virgins. In the meantime his favorite NPC is womanizer.
I was still okey with that. I could imagine that my character would try his chance after the game is over.
An other PC also has a elf woman in his backstory. He met her when he was a chil but kept seeing her in his dreams. After 5 months we met this mysterious elf woman. PC was a shy wizard (not in real life, just his character) and after we saved this mysterious elf woman, all party encouraged him, gave tactics. It was a good roleplay. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed being a wingman for my friend. Of course DM hated it
Last session DM found an 'incredible' idea. He made rogue NPC and mysterious elf woman lovers. He said 'They are lesbians, you cant have romantic relationships with them'
I didnt say anything because I gave up but I started to think that okey it is really not fun. I feel being sad for something like this is so silly but I feel like this game is not about what I want to do, I just fill the emptines in his story and it is all about his story. I think this lesbian twist was the breaking point
We have been playing for 6 months. He said it is social encounter heavy but actually there are no encounter. We just go and talk. We cant affect anything. Everyone is already much more stronger than us and we cant even build a relationship. Everyone we meet forget the things we do for them and act like ungrateful jerks. Our relationship is always nötr with them.
I talked about that but DM convinced that I dont like social encounter, I like battle. Well, I like battle and I want good battles but it is not the case. Our social encounters are not encounters, at least during battle I can affect something. I roll dice and my dice addect if enemy is dead or not.
He think this game is sandbox because we have a choise; we can choise to help 6 different big organization and who we chose affects the story. I dont think this is sandbox. I try to be a good player, I try to play the game he prepared. His hooks are not good enough most of the time but I try to convince my friends to do quests because I know that he prepared for that. I take notes. I write everything he says, sometimes he doesnt take notes and ask for my notes. I really care his story, I think about that, I try to find clues and theories but in the mean time I want to find a lover, I want to open a patisserie, I want to attend a magic school and take lessons... He says these make sessions longer and he says no.
What do you think? After making NPCs gay in order to make us stop talking about that, I think I want to leave the game. I am overreacting?
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2021.09.23 03:23 Longjumping_Job_6077 Tomorrow’s the day, boys! Waluigi WILL make it!!

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2021.09.23 03:23 Occasionally_stupid The Fluffballs before and after

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2021.09.23 03:23 CuriousVeryBiCurious Is it possible to search for specific podcasts episodes within a podcast channel

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2021.09.23 03:23 No_Weekend7856 Streamerless NA East server?

With the new Streamer Server list website, its easier to know which servers to avoid. But which from the good ones, which to pick?
Anyone know of any chosen high pop/main PvP server on NA East?
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2021.09.23 03:23 arbiewebbjr Proof that Faith's tattoo was fake. Not only that in this clip it was on the upper left arm. Donated by u/Andycaimino.

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2021.09.23 03:23 pca7u i started lifting weight and i feel like my legs are weak and shaking when i finish, is that a sign of a deficiency in minerals/vitamins?

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2021.09.23 03:23 SE_to_NW Lithuania donates more COVID-19 vaccines to Taiwan, ROC--we can tell where Lithuania's heart lies

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2021.09.23 03:23 LLLyes I don’t listen to Billie a lot but I had to come to this thread to share how ‚Happier than ever‘ and ‚my future‘ are like therapy to me

I mostly listen to Electronic music but when I get bored I listen into other genres and one day I gave Billie‘s new album a try because I liked the different poster and wanted to know if she is experimenting and listened into ‚Happier than ever‘. First I thought it’s similar to her previous music and started skipping but when I heard ‚my future‘ and ‚Happier than ever‘ I was surprised about the content of what she said and the rock part. It touched me very emotionally because of my current relationship and the topics I try to avoid during my day and I was surprised how deeply I felt this music
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2021.09.23 03:23 ZadarskiDrake “All this money I can’t go anywhere but up 🌪”

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2021.09.23 03:23 Dbzfanatic99 Alita

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2021.09.23 03:23 ShotSatisfaction7852 [OC] My first post here with my first bike, 1991 Honda CBR 600

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2021.09.23 03:23 kensei- Best headphones for strictly gaming?

I’m just looking for a pair headphones that will give me the upper edge over most people in games that won’t break the bank or need an amp/dac to power. If you have any other suggestions for me that aren’t these two leave them down below please.
View Poll
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2021.09.23 03:23 sevenwheel Our direct registration rights are the functional equivalent of an NFT dividend!

I think we've had an NFT attached to our shares all along, but never realized it.
Talk and speculation has been going on for some time about the possibility that our favorite company might issue a non-fungible token (NFT) as a dividend. The idea is that the NFT would take the form of some sort of digital certificate that provided some specific benefit that could not be duplicated or counterfeited. These digital certificates would be issued to all stock owners, one NFT per real share.
In practice, this would happen as follows: the vast majority of the NFT dividends would be issued to the DTCC because the DTCC is the registered owner of most of the real shares in the stock market. The DTCC would then be responsible for distributing the NFT dividends to its member brokers in proportion to the number of real shares owned by each broker. Each broker would in turn be responsible for distributing the NFTs to each shareholder customer. Each shareholder customer would be entitled to one NFT per share owned.
The purpose of an NFT dividend would be to fight back against the abusive practice of stock dilution by brokerages that engage in the creation of synthetic shares and the resulting suppression of share prices. Brokerages that had not engaged in synthetic share dilution would be unharmed by the dividend. They would receive one NFT for each real share owned by the brokerage, and would thus be able to distribute one NFT per share to their shareholder customers. Brokerages that had engaged in stock dilution by selling synthetic shares would be in a different situation. They would be required to distribute one NFT to each shareholder customer for each share, but they would not have enough NFTs to distribute to the owners of the synthetic shares created by the brokerage in addition to the shareholder owners of the real shares held by the brokerage.
These brokerages would be forced to begin to recall their synthetic shares -- force their short selling customers to close their short positions by buying shares on the open market -- in order to gather up enough real shares to deliver the NFT to customers who owned synthetic shares. Those synthetic shares would thus be replaced with real shares, allowing the full required distribution of the NFT dividends to all stockholders.
I now believe that direct registration rights have all the attributes of an NFT dividend and should function in the same way if enough people exercise those rights.
Under this theory, the way to claim the NFTs for your shares is to exercise your direct registration rights and direct-register your shares with Computershare, the company's transfer agent, thus taking them out of your brokerage and out of the DTCC system entirely.
The key is the realization that the DTCC must scrupulously ensure that only real shares are allowed to be direct registered - and thus leave the possession of the DTCC. It must also ensure that each broker does not direct register more shares than it owns, because that would be stealing real shares from other brokers.
The number of real shares owned by the DTCC functions as the bulk assignment of NFTs to the DTCC.
The database kept by the DTCC of which brokers own how many real shares functions as the database of assignment of NFTs to brokers.
Once a broker has used up its allocation of NFTs (transferred all its real shares to Computershare by way of the DTCC), it will be unable to issue any more NFTs (unable to transfer any more shares to Computershare.)
If that broker has created and sold synthetic shares, it will still be obligated to issue the NFT on request to the owners of those synthetic shares. (All shareholders have the same right to direct-register their shares, regardless of how many real shares if any are owned by their brokerage.)
The broker would then be forced to purchase real shares on the open market in order to continue to distribute NFTs (continue to transfer shares to Computershare on request.) The broker would do this by recalling their shorts and forcing their short sellers to close their positions. The short sellers would be forced to buy real shares on the open market at market prices and hand them over to the broker, which would use those real shares to continue distributing NFTs (continue to fulfill direct-registration requests.)
The result would be to eliminate most or perhaps nearly all of the synthetic shares that are currently diluting the float. This should correct the stock price distortion caused by synthetic share dilution and allow the stock price to appreciate and reach its true and proper value.
Note that like any NFT, in order for this to work, the shareholders would have to actually claim the NFT. Every share that the owner does not claim the NFT on translates to one synthetic share that their broker does not need to recall.
I know that many people are trepidatious about direct-registering their shares, taking them out of the brokerage they bought them from and are familiar with. Many people are only direct-registering a fraction of their shares.
Here's a question I put to myself personally. If my favorite company were to actually issue an NFT dividend, what percentage of my shares would I claim the dividend on? 0%? 20%? 80%? 100%? My answer to that question helped me decide what was right for me.
Think it over and let me know if you think I'm right or not. I'd sure like to know. If enough people make the independent decision to direct-register their shares, maybe we'll find out!
Also, I don't give financial advice, so everyone pondering this should do their own research and/or consult with their own financial advisor to decide whether what I'm talking about makes sense and decide what, if anything, they should do with this information and theory.
Cheers and have a great evening everyone!
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2021.09.23 03:23 YourGFblewMe Coming to Michigan for a game

Is there WiFi in the stadium and does it work sufficiently? I have to respond to emails all day Saturday
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2021.09.23 03:23 WhoTFisJackNocklison Want to try Sotol

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2021.09.23 03:23 rainbowpickles3 She's somewhere around six months old and 15 inches tall. She is supposed to be Mountain Feist/Sheltie. I guessed Mountain Feist or another terrier, Sheltie, and Cattle Dog. I'm ok with whatever she is but I think she's getting too big to be just those breeds. Thoughts?

She's somewhere around six months old and 15 inches tall. She is supposed to be Mountain Feist/Sheltie. I guessed Mountain Feist or another terrier, Sheltie, and Cattle Dog. I'm ok with whatever she is but I think she's getting too big to be just those breeds. Thoughts? submitted by rainbowpickles3 to DogBreeds101 [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 03:23 GreatWhitePelicannot Are these edible? Will they get me high?

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2021.09.23 03:23 jade11367568 From today

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2021.09.23 03:23 RLCD-Bot [Grey Fennec] [Interstellar] [Standard Blue] [Cobalt Madness II]

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