DJ Moore/ Edmonds for Amari .5ppr

2021.09.23 02:55 donttellpplimhere DJ Moore/ Edmonds for Amari .5ppr

Edmonds is my only bench RB worth anything.
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2021.09.23 02:55 twg-bot First Day of Being Back In The Office

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2021.09.23 02:55 Hayzhel [Slight Spoilers] Sweet boi Ralsei in a suit!! (by me - @hayzhelnut)

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2021.09.23 02:55 dodgywhiskey Juvenile calls Judge Kim a “ho”

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2021.09.23 02:55 Zaron_V trade help

can someone help me to evolve my seadra
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2021.09.23 02:55 Mash__Potatoes Feeling down and defeated, seeking guidance

Hello everyone. I’m an emotional mess and am writing this while crying, so please excuse me for being disorganized and incoherent. I’m sure this post or a similar one has been made numerous times by people in a similar situation as I am in right now on this subreddit. But, I have no one to vent to or to pour my feelings out to so I hope you internet strangers can listen and offer some guidance and/or perspective.
I’m a first-year college student and am currently taking my very first computer science class (introduction to computing and programming concepts using python). I have 0 programming/computer science knowledge. After every single lecture and lab, I leave feeling defeated, stupid, exhausted, and frustrated with myself. In lectures, everything that the instructor is saying doesn’t seem to register and process in my head so I feel like a deer in headlights and am not retaining anything. I’ve visited office hours, but every time the instructoTA tries to explain concepts and technical terms to me, it feels like I’m listening to gibberish. In labs, I’m always the last one left after lab ends and even then, I haven’t managed to finish a lab by the time it ends. One of the breaking-points for me this week is that during a lab, I didn’t know what to do or code (or how to fix my code) so I kept asking questions and it seems like the TA got really annoyed and fed up with me because they took my keyboard and typed in the code themselves. Am I reading too much into this?It’s also really discouraging to see people get finish with the lab really quickly while you’re still stuck on question one or the very first part of the lab and don’t know what to code or type. I also feel very lonely in my computer class because an overwhelming majority of the students have coding experience so I feel very left behind and like they’re miles ahead of me. One of the things I’m struggling with most is coming up with a solution or code to a prompt or situation. Another thing I’m struggling with is understanding technical terms (functions, strings, class, etc) and concepts (cipher code, algorithms, loops, etc). I just don’t know what to do right now, it feels like I’m never going to improve and/or understand what I’m learning.
If you have read this far, thank you so much for listening to me. I’m very sorry for being so pessimistic. Any advice and/or guidance is greatly appreciated. Also, are there any supplemental materials that you would recommend? Thank you very much.
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2021.09.23 02:55 urmumsprettycute Katana in chest

yearssss ago i was playing on pc (Vanilla, I was young and didn't know about mods) and came accross a katana in a chest in a random city, haven't found it again and I've been playing for about 5 years) has anyone else come across this?
(honestly not even sure this is allowed)
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2021.09.23 02:55 Muadeeb My copy of Jaco Pastorius's Word Of Mouth album was sold to a used record shop the day after his death

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2021.09.23 02:55 Dull_Rabbit Worth trading Justin Fields and CeeDee Lamb for Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield? Lineup below

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2021.09.23 02:55 usernameismypass Notes not syncing and showing up as encrypted

So I tried to sync my notes from my phone to my desktop but all this done was delete the notes from app and when i tried to import them into the desktop it just shows up as encrypted.
The deleted notes from my phone I have the files to import them but doesn't seem to work
can anyone help me with this im really lost
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2021.09.23 02:55 redditking2009 Awesome iPod

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2021.09.23 02:55 TheRealGiant93 Question of cross save

I have put 45+ hours into the game on my PS4, was finally able to get a PS5. Only to find out there is no way to transfer save data and I have to start over. Has anyone heard of plans to fix this with a patch?
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2021.09.23 02:55 lolsup1 [WDYWT] Rainy Day 🌧

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2021.09.23 02:55 Prestigious_Two_5671 LEEKE🕊(1200/S4C) use to play football

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2021.09.23 02:55 PM-me-Shibas is it okay to chop veggies + stick them in the freezer for later use?

This was really hard to word.
In short, I have mobility issues. I'm only in my 20's but I have about three different types of arthritis and I keep collecting diagnosis.
Last week I went to the store and bought peppers and green onions, but my body has said, "no thanks" all week. I've watched them shrink and shrivel all week.
I finally just made myself sit there and chop them and it took 20 or so mins (bc I suck at cooking) and popped them in the freezer. My rational was that, I usually make pad Thai with these veggies (and why I bought them). I cook pad Thai in bulk and freeze it. What difference does it make if I do that with individual veggies?
Is my logic okay? Can I do this regularly? It would be nice to maybe commit to chopping one veggie per night, tossing them in the freezer as I go, and then throw it all together at the end of the week. It would be a lot easier on my body.
Thank you!
ps: if you're going to ask "why not just buy frozen veggies" I have absolutely tried that and every single time I have tried to cook with frozen veggies, I prove that I am unable to cook with frozen veggies. That's another issue for another week.
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2021.09.23 02:55 introverted-void Behold, my take on this trend before it dies.

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2021.09.23 02:55 TheRedditMario Two interesting beings with their own interesting careers.

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2021.09.23 02:55 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @NebulaRealms: What is your go to hot drink to keep warm during fall? #NebulaRealms #gamedev #indiegamedev

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2021.09.23 02:55 Purple-Response6433 ex blocked me; we took turns being toxic; will i get another chance?

My ex left me after 3 years. For the first 2 years, she was very loving but toxic. Her unresolved issues made her do things that hurt me bad, but i stuck by her and supported her. It got to the point however where i had enough and i said was leaving her. She pleaded for me to give her another chance and promised to change for me. Amazingly, i saw that she meant it as she got help. After a 3 month break, i took her back.
For the last year, she continued to try to be better and repair what she did. The problem though was that now I became the toxic one and i was constanly picking fights. She told me many times that i was losing myself and to get help, but i never took it as seriously as i should have.
A few weeks ago, she suddenly said she caught feelings for somebody else. She said she had been doubting our relationship for months, and this was the final sign her heart had moved on. At that point, i just had a mental breakdown and i said some horrible things to her. We talked again a couple weeks later, but i stupidly tried to talk her out of it and we got into another huge fight. Some of her last words were, "I will never let you hurt me again." She has now blocked me on everything.
I realize now that i never got over what happened during the first 2 years, and held it against her. I loved her, but i was also really angry at her. Before i knew it, I gradually became an even more toxic person than she ever was. I realized it too late and it drove her away.
I feel horrible and so guilty. I love her so much and miss her like crazy.
I have to heal and find myself again. And i know i need to focus on myself now, not her. But, right now, as much as I try not to, i keep asking myself:

Other things to consider: - we got a pretty big age gap (10 yrs)
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2021.09.23 02:55 MinuteLoquat1 It's not a phase, MOM! 😡

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2021.09.23 02:55 NumerableRED01 Are cavities a deal breaker when dating

Me and my friends at work had a debate/discussion about wether or not cavities we're a deal breaker. Why this became a subject idk lol but now I'm curious because we all mostly had definitely views on the subject.
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2021.09.23 02:55 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 02:55 MinnesotaHockeyGuy What would be a red flag that you're in a horror movie?

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2021.09.23 02:55 NarrowAd1627 Just had a flash of nostalgia

Anyone remember that vice city stories glitch to get over the bridge before completing the Lance mission? You needed a truck and to go to starfish island estates and try jump through/over the gate. Haha those where the good old days, getting in from school grabbing the PSP and searching up glitches on my old ass netbook. Oh to be young.
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2021.09.23 02:55 swagNextTuber Instagrammer Details Sitting Next to Gabby Petito at Restaurant During Chaotic Scene

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