Fender Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster - $244 ($225 + $19 S/H) 100%

2021.09.23 03:31 pedal_deals_bot Fender Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster - $244 ($225 + $19 S/H) 100%

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2021.09.23 03:31 tooltin2 Multi Inferno Tower Usefulness?

I just got to th 10 and can see that most of the enemy uses tanky units like golem, pekka or even dragons against my base which puts the single-mode very useful. I was wondering, however, if there is any use for a multi mode beside the fact that it can take out hordes which is rare.
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2021.09.23 03:31 Leoharp Subby sub time if you want to experience true craziness 👻

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2021.09.23 03:31 nfwallpapers Anime Ero Girls 4K audio responsive

Scene wallpaper audio responsive ;) . Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyerUp2ORlo
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2021.09.23 03:31 groovygoonz96 My top 3 God Tier

  1. Sweet Guy (my first and the most wholesome)
  2. Young Boss (best FMC)
  3. Tie between A Wonderful New World and Should I study at Noryangjin. Both have amazing art and memorable female characters.
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2021.09.23 03:31 pablocerakote Current Fav Hog Gun. Texas Aero Set in 556/223 with spare parts

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2021.09.23 03:31 ComprehensiveDay9132 Do I bench CEH?

I want to put OBJ in my flex. Who do I put in my RB2? CEH or Kareem Hunt?
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2021.09.23 03:31 pedal_deals_bot Gibson Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup "Black Beauty" 1957 - 1961 - $6,918 ($6,728 + $190 S/H) 96%

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2021.09.23 03:31 popcornboiii NYT Claims THERANOS CEO Targeted For SEXISM, Ignores Fraud

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2021.09.23 03:31 guyfromtn Slow Wifi after firmware upgrade

I have two EAP225 v3 running 5.0.5 firmware. One is hardwired in gigabit, the other is running on mesh. I have a 100mb fiber connection, gigabit throughout on hardwire. First thought it might be my R605 slowing it down. Nope. Hardwire 100meg. DNS? It's always DNS, right? Nope. 100m on hardwire, maybe 10-15 on wifi. I'm wondering if it's a firmware update that crippled this. Curious if anyone else has seen anything happen since upgrading. I have full signal and still just poke along on DSL speeds.
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2021.09.23 03:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 03:31 MinimumTomato2 Health issues from heavy smoking

I(31M) have been smoking since I was 14 and very heavily for the past 7-8 years. I quit for a short period before COVID but caved to the boredom/anxiety during lockdown and I've been smoking the most I ever have. I typically go through an OZ in under two weeks.
Over the past few months I've started to notice signs a potentially severe respiratory condition like wheezing, chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, and post nasal drip. I never addressed these issues and they've become worse over the past week.
I've made an appointment with my doctor but won't able to see them for a few weeks due to scheduling.
I know I need to stop know but I'm so scared of the sleepless nights and anxiety attacks that I know are coming. I'm upset that I let it get to this point and I'm terrified of the long term complications.
Has anyone had these symptoms? What was the outcome and what did you do about it?
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2021.09.23 03:31 xnyvbb Is pain for over 8 weeks normal when stretching septum to larger sizes? (3g)

I stretched my septum to 3g in late July and for sure this is the size when it’s started denting. Just that different level of pain and the cartilage almost moving to one side until it began to accommodate the plug.
Up to this size my piercing was fine in a couple of weeks every stretch. Now it still hurts a fair bit whenever anything touches the tip of my nose, although it’s now not too bad taking it out to clean.
Is it normal to feel pain for this long? Information on larger septum stretched is sparse and it seems some people permanently have pain after a certain size.
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2021.09.23 03:31 RM123M [PC][2014-2021] A turn based rpg game about a colored world and a black and white world

This game is very vague in my mind, but I think it’s a very unique premise.
I’d like to state that I’m not sure if it was a fan game, or if it was a bigger project in the works. But, I did play a small portion of it( I’m not even sure if it’s completed yet ).
The two characters who existed in the worlds were akin to being the guardians of their perspective worlds. The colored character had an upbeat personality, and the character in the not so vibrant world had a not so much upbeat personality.
I hope this is enough information about the game, thank you guys.
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2021.09.23 03:31 batatac4 ive been brewing this odd questline warrior for postnerfs i have all the cards but the quest, can someone give me some feedback on this?

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2021.09.23 03:31 CorptanSpecklez Look at little doodle jr., gonna cry? (Drew this in a few minutes im bad at art) use how you please

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2021.09.23 03:31 gohome190 Advice for Paw Paw Tunnel detour tomorrow

With the wet weather we’ve had (and it’s still coming down), my group is concerned about the detour trail quality being too wet. We’re coming from the Cumberland side heading to DC. Should we take the road instead somehow?
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2021.09.23 03:31 Blue-bo-blee Paid for crowns but haven’t actually gotten them

I tried to get crowns, but they haven’t shown up. On my steam wallet is says a 0 balance, and I got an email saying my purchase went through, but I haven’t received the actual crowns I paid for. Should I send an email to Steam to either fix the issue or get a refund, or should I email Kings Isle?
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2021.09.23 03:31 melatonin91 DeNiro my fur baby

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2021.09.23 03:31 akangaroohoo BEI

Hey all! So I applied to volunteer Brain Exercise Initiative at UCR. I have an interview with them on the 30th, and I was wondering how the interview process is, and if it’s hard to get a position 😅. This organization seems super interesting according to their website, so I want to do/look my best!
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2021.09.23 03:31 bjoseph33 Good to see Howard playing the game of Survivor tonight and not staying locked up in the Hamptons

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2021.09.23 03:31 Vulpinox Odds of a lockout?

With the players union and MLB going to a hearing about the shortened 2020 season on Monday, and with the current CBA expiring in December what are the odds we see a lockout or strike in 2022? It's something that's potentially huge but for some reason isn't discussed much in here.
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2021.09.23 03:31 StuffTasty If Harry Potter was set in America

The Dursleys would definitely live in an HOA and Petunia would be head of the board.
Everyone would have a different accent, imagine Ron, Hermione or Harry with like a southern or Californian accent.
No pureblood stuff since American wizards have other things to worry about like scourers and probably no-maj witch hunters (which honestly would make a great story)
Since America is so big and has so many national parks/vast forest/deserts there are probably more wizard only towns hidden in them.
Skinwalkers are probably just dark wizards that are animagi that torment no-maj natives.
Ilvermorny probably has a Sasquatch as a teacher.
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2021.09.23 03:31 megs_dead Can anyone recommend a good dimethicone free moisturizer?

I’m on the HUNT for a good dimethicone free moisturizer that doesn’t cause acne. Every moisturizer I use clogs my pores and makes my acne worse. And dimethicone gives me cystic acne. 🥴😔😔 need some help please 💕
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2021.09.23 03:31 rickybobbybobby Recommeded herbs for Varicose Veins?

I have been searching but google points me in a million directions.
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