[Off-Site] Zeno's Mice (Ants) Problem and the Logarithmic Spirals

2021.10.22 06:30 MathPhysicsEngineer [Off-Site] Zeno's Mice (Ants) Problem and the Logarithmic Spirals

What would be the equation of the trajectory traced by the ants?
Follow the link to find out
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2021.10.22 06:30 Blood-n-Cheese Ciri by Feihong Chen

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2021.10.22 06:30 Einarrr Wie soll ich mich bei der Aussicht auf die Vorlesungen konzentrieren?

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2021.10.22 06:30 jiyannareeka CNBLUE - Love Cut (Comeback Stage) @ KBS Music Bank (211022)

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2021.10.22 06:30 LeonardMoney2020 Do you guys think Alex should do a theory on “The Patrick Star Show”?

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2021.10.22 06:30 perro0000 [Discussion] How ASMR caused my epilepsy

Hello everyone
First of all I wanna say this isn’t a sh*post about ASMR. I’m a long time fan and I started watching ASMR videos back in 2013 when it was first developing on YouTube
So I remember when I discovered ASMR I was mind-blown. It was like being in control of my own relaxation, I didn’t have to pay for a massage, and I didn’t have to be a baby to be lulled to sleep. So I quickly became obsessed with it but back then it wasn’t so popular and my friends and family thought it was weird, so I kept it to myself
Like I said, I became obsessed with it because I’ve always had insomnia and ASMR really helped me. But then I developed immunity to it. Still, I was so dependent on it that I HAD to listen to ASMR every single night to go to sleep. From 2013 to 2019 I only didn’t use ASMR a handful of times while camping and stuff
So back in early 2019 I woke up one day with a massive headache and my tongue was chewed on both sides and it hurt so bad, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t eat for a few days. My sister had told me that I was making weird noises in the middle of the night, like I was screaming with my mouth shut, and I was banging on the wall. Of course I didn’t believe her because I knew I wasn’t awake hitting the wall. And for the rest of the year she would tell me every now and then that I was screaming and banging on the wall and I still didn’t believe her. And at the same time I would wake up with my tongue chewed and massive headaches
It wasn’t until last year that we realized I have epilepsy. Me and my other sister fell asleep on the couch one night and then I woke up in the middle of the night with my family around me and paramedics walking into the living room. I didn’t know what was going on. The paramedic gave me a bag for me to puke in and then he told me I had a seizure, but I refused to go to the hospital. My sister and my mom were crying and my other sister said that I was making the same sounds that she had been telling me
To not make this story longer, basically what happened is that I wasn’t allowing my brain to rest while I slept with all those mouth sounds and tapping sounds and different ASMR sonic patterns. Of course I had to stop listening to ASMR but I only get seizures while I sleep because my brain got used to not resting because it had the new job to process ASMR sounds while I slept. I’ve only had one seizure while awake but what I do get all the time is auras. Auras are basically warning signs that you might get a seizure. For people whose seizures are triggered by their vision their auras might be seeing lights and stars, but since my epilepsy is triggered by sound my auras block my hearing process. For example, if a person is speaking and I get an aura, I’ll understand what the person is saying, but my brain is not processing the sound of the words. I also get deja vu and dissociation. Auras are really nightmarish. It also sucks because I can’t listen to music as much as I’d like. Especially songs that I love because strong emotions (including stress) trigger my epilepsy. Now every now and then I wake up with my chewed tongue and massive headaches that make it extremely hard to even move and I have to take pills that make me sleep for the rest of the day. And then every single muscle in my body gets sore for a whole week
I’m not making this post to proselytize not listening to ASMR at night. I still love ASMR because I know it’s not a YouTube trend, but an actual bodily experience. We all experience ASMR in real life while getting a haircut or being caressed. My favorite example of real life ASMR is by the retired asmrtist Deluca ASMR who says he first experienced ASMR as a child when he would visit his grandma and her house smelled like honey
So I just want to say: don’t become addicted to ASMR. Or at least don’t wear headphones as much
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2021.10.22 06:30 Yolands89 Cyber City

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2021.10.22 06:30 Splunge- Is anyone else here doing The Cauldron next (Halloween) Saturday?

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2021.10.22 06:30 GAINS-Associates 💬 Welcoming Jason from Vera — QUIZ & AMA Date: Friday, October 22 at 14:00 UTC. Place: GAINS Discussion Equivalent times: 10:00 EST = 16:00 CET = 19:30 IST 🕐 Countdown 🔹Project tease: — Vera is the most powerful open financial platform for non-fungible token (NFT) assets.

💬 Welcoming Jason from Vera — QUIZ & AMA Date: Friday, October 22 at 14:00 UTC. Place: GAINS Discussion Equivalent times: 10:00 EST = 16:00 CET = 19:30 IST 🕐 Countdown 🔹Project tease: — Vera is the most powerful open financial platform for non-fungible token (NFT) assets. submitted by GAINS-Associates to GAINS_Associates [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 06:30 Prize-Ad7784 Clinique Even Better Foundation

I have recently finished all my foundations and wasn't 100% happy with any of them. I saw this foundation by Clinique and was wondering if it's any good? Mixed reviews online... What do you think My skin is combinational with some acne problems ATM.
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2021.10.22 06:30 nabilsup123 Beat mono ice was pretty fun and the 2nd easiest for me.

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2021.10.22 06:30 ashmute 211022 BTS Official: [#PTD_ON_STAGE D-2]

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2021.10.22 06:30 Yiobeo I miss the way it was.

To you,
Sometimes I think too much about the way you used to tell me that you loved me at every chance you had, the way you would always remind me how special I am, one of a kind, that I was heaven sent. I would tell you the same thing, slowly through each conversation we had I started to fall in love with you, how easy it was to be comfortable, to be open. We could be honest with each other without fear of being judged or like the other person was going to leave. We still are.
I miss the way you used to tell me that you love me. I miss the way we used to talk to each other about everything with so much affection and love and the feeling that I had that no one could ever take that love away from us. It made me feel so seen, complete, I feel like I have found a part of me in you that I will never find in anyone else and you told me that you feel the same.
Do you think it was a mistake that I told you that I was falling in love? Do you wish I hadn't said anything so that we could still be the same and love each other the same? You don't tell me that you love me anymore. I said I value our friendship more than anything because losing you would mean losing apart of myself, that I need to figure out why I fell in love with you, how this happened. We were always so close, and I want to remain that way with you. I am ok with never having the chance to be with you romantically, I only want the best for you and for you to be happy. I just did not think that it would hurt to not hear you tell me that you love me anymore.
You always said to me that there were no words that could express how much I mean to you and how special I am to you....A part of me wishes that you were secretly in love with me too, that maybe there are no words to describe it because you want to do more but just afraid to, but I know you value honesty just like me...I love you like crazy, won't you please tell me that you love me too..? Even if you mean it as a friend, please tell me you love me back...I just need to know that the love we always had for each other is still there...
I remember saying to you that you would be stuck with me forever, and you said back to me that you wanted to be.
We are connected. Please, tell me you still feel that way.
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2021.10.22 06:30 Livid_Poem8446 If time travel was possible,What's the first place your visiting?

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2021.10.22 06:30 angizni Double scoop ice cream

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2021.10.22 06:30 toxix999 P3 model idea

So imagine if the p3 models had a small hook wound and knife cuts on the backs, i think it would be cool
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2021.10.22 06:30 BasedBihari For real 🗿🗿🗿

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2021.10.22 06:30 Critical_Drawing Need Gifts 0278 5774 5470

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2021.10.22 06:30 SilentSix66 Did I just get roasted by my teacher!?

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2021.10.22 06:30 NOGRANDDD Ibanez EHB1506ms VS Ibanez BTB1836?

I have been Looking into 6 string Basses and I'm stuck between the EHB and BTB premiums. Any Pros and Cons to the Ehb compared to the BTB? I have a BTB745 Is that matters at all.
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2021.10.22 06:30 HeckingDoofus quoting myself from r/dreams, realizing this is probably a more suiting sub for this

so right before i went to sleep i was messing around in battlefront 2, and after i got off and was in my bed my brain kept racking with general prequel era star wars thoughts (i have adhd, and ive been hyperfixating on star wars for a few months)
in the first part of my dream, i wasnt even present at all, aside from my thoughts. basically what was going on was it was like i was in an episode of the clone wars, though i wasnt present. so like i was watching an episode, but wasnt there (it was focused on ahsoka, she was there the whole time)
and then somehow my dream shifted without me noticing. it was nighttime and i found a bunch of bags of mcdonalds and i thought something on the lines of “damn so i guess mcdonalds is canon” (which is pretty funny in retrospect) at that point i decided i was gonna go to mcdonalds, but after a few minutes i realized that i had no need to since i was already eating some from one of the bags.
then suddenly i was in a strange house but somehow i knew that it was my aunts house (which it wasnt, my aunts house is totally different) i cant remember if this transition was something i was conscious of, or if it was seamless as well. i feel like i was conscious of it and thought that what had happened before was a dream? but then at another part of the dream i remember thinking i didnt get any sleep the night before so idk. but anyways, still in “my aunts house” i kept walking around, i was looking for a coke for some reason, and i never got my hands on it. but as i kept walking around suddenly it was morning, and more people from my family were arriving (this was the part of the dream where i thought id gotten no sleep the night before, and i was very tired)
the weird part of all of this is that i woke up, feeling very tired with a craving for coke. i was making this post because of the out of body/third person ahsoka part but i just realized the parallels as i was writing this
also noteworthy: i got no sleep the night before last night
any insight on what the third person/out of body ahsoka part could mean? or why i woke up tired as hell with a craving for coke? i was so tired that it took me a second to snap out of the dream consciousness and realize that everything before wasnt real
super weird experience all around
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2021.10.22 06:30 yaiyen With historic picks, Biden puts environmental justice front and center: 10 month later she is giving drilling permits left and right, on track to beat Bush record 🤣🤣

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2021.10.22 06:30 Zeloni00 Announcement - Deletions

Hi All,
I'm up against a cloud storage limit so I need to start deleting things, I'll start from my oldest posts until I've freed up about 500GB. I'll begin in 48 hours so fair warning if there's anything you've been meaning to download but haven't got around to it yet. I'll also delete the posts themselves so I'm not getting messages about dead links from people.
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2021.10.22 06:30 StephLover00 Trish and Stacy Keibler!

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2021.10.22 06:30 Byron_Ouji I loved the theme Kubo was going with having Ichigo drop/throw Zangetsu in front of his enemy, haha this was so badass to me.

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