Пятница, ныряем в бассейн с пивом

2021.10.22 07:52 Madmyname Пятница, ныряем в бассейн с пивом

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2021.10.22 07:52 HyenaMana Plague of Locusts, Me, Silkscreen Painting, 2021

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2021.10.22 07:52 timkibby Chonky stretch

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2021.10.22 07:52 T123456n Big boops

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2021.10.22 07:52 Catilus [OC] [ART] Clair (Reis), Female Changeling Nyxborn Bard and Warlock (plus hidden turtle and owl!) – by Catilus

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2021.10.22 07:52 mekka98 living the best life

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2021.10.22 07:52 theBERZERKER13 Wtf is going on with the rares in drafts?! Same rare 3x times in a row and then twice again the next draft??

There is no way this is random. I know everyone gripes about the hand smoother and draws. But I’ve been playing a few quick drafts and I’ve been seeing the same 5-6 rares in each pack I’ve opened. Is anyone else seeing this too?
Quick draft Forgotten Realms I open 3 of those rare treasure lands and then next draft I get them in the last 2 packs I open.
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2021.10.22 07:52 isshu15 Urgent need of a good mosturiser?

33/F, have a T zone combination skin with a lot of open pores and tendency for whiteheads, I have tried all the branded moisturizer on the face of earth, nothing seems to work for me, I use clinique face wash, with plum toner and sunscreen for my daily AM routine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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2021.10.22 07:52 Rufus_Dufus SquareBearDerry Again, 21st Century Sinn Fein

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2021.10.22 07:52 grandballoon John Hodgman On the Two Celebrity Corgis That Shattered His World

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2021.10.22 07:52 chris9830 New to red dead online

Im new to red dead redemption and its online version ive bought it because i love wild West movies so i thought i give wild West games a try and a friend of mine plays online so i can play with her any advise is helpfull
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2021.10.22 07:52 spam_46-704521991 Spam this number! +46 704521991

Texts and calls!
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2021.10.22 07:52 bhartiyamschool 5 Ways to Stop Kids from Wasting Food

Food is one of the necessities for a human being. Food acts as fuel to our body and one cannot survive without it for many days. We should respect our meals as many people throughout the world do not get the basic 3 times meal in a day. As the world is already facing the problem of food scarcity, we cannot allow any amount of food to be wasted.
On every level, we are facing this problem. From large food factories to our households. To fix a problem it is always advised to start from the small level. In this case, let us talk about the problem of food wastage in our house. To fight a war with the household waste we need to involve our younger generations and teach them to be more responsible. But how should we teach them not to waste food? Lecturing children on this topic would never be effective instead changing their mentality with some effective steps would do the trick. So, let us look at the ‘5 Ways to Stop Kids from Wasting Food’.

· Teach Kids about the importance of food
To raise food-savvy kids it is very important to teach them where the food comes from and how much effort it takes to produce basic crops. To make them learn take your children, to a nearby farm or local butcher shop. This will make them think about the importance of meals that they get every day. You can grow your kitchen garden and teach them how to sow plant seeds. Make them watch a seed turn into a full-grown plant that produces fruits. This can be a powerful lesson on how precious food is. Do some fun activities like getting them involved in cooking whenever you can? This will bring a change and you will see that they will start forcing everyone to finish everything on their plate!
· Deal calmly with the fussy eaters
While eating your child might act a little fussy or choosy with some of the food items. They tend to dislike something new every week. If this is the case then try to sit with them, and tell them about the benefits of the veggies or pulses. If they still don’t want to eat, don’t force them, just take the plate away and they can have it later. This way you know what they are liking or not. Also, you can distract them a little to make them finish their meal. Have fun and decorate your meal that can help children to eat everything up.
· Give them smaller portions
Never fill up the kid’s plate with food, as most of the meal might get wasted if they don’t want to eat. Start giving them food in smaller portions and once they finish it you can serve them more. There are certain ways by which you can make them eat and still save yourself from wasting the food. Never force them to eat if they don’t want to because it will only make them resist more. If by chance there is some food left you can store the leftovers, and you can use it to make child-friendly meals.
· Make batch cook meals
It is always smart to plan your weekly meals from before. Never throw away the leftover food instead use them to create a new dish. For example, you can use yesterday’s pasta to make another yummier dish like mac and cheese. Make batch-cooked meals like veggie salads or fruit salads which can be stored in the fridge. By doing this you can have healthy meals on hand for days.
· Be smart with lunch boxes
If you want your child to finish their lunchboxes without bringing the leftovers back home then try to outsmart them. Keep an eye on what they like and what they don’t. Then accordingly pack their lunch boxes. Always pack their lunch in reusable containers so that there is no unnecessary plastic waste. Another thing you can do, if your child is not eating properly is by cutting down the quantity of the meal.
These were the 5 Ways to Stop Kids From Wasting Food. With these simple tricks, you can reduce the amount of food wastage in your home. Kids usually don’t understand the value of the food but making them aware alone will solve this problem. Kids always take things more seriously once they understand that it is important. It’s how their mind works and they are heavily influenced by their parents. So, if you make them understand by giving examples, they will follow your every word.
We at Bhartiyam International School follow a strict policy against the wastage of food. We make it our responsibility to provide high-quality food to our boarding students while reducing waste as much as possible.
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2021.10.22 07:52 MarkyPaligs Is this an authentic Squid Game product?

Is this an authentic Squid Game product? Disclaimer: I'm not advertising.
This showed up as an Ad on facebook, and I've already seen TONS of ads of fake Contra game before this, I'm just making sure it's not a phishing ad and the "game" is not a malicious software.
Squid Game - Survival Challenge (squidgamesurvival.com)

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2021.10.22 07:52 slitsandgiggles01 Northern Ireland’s Unhappy Centenary

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2021.10.22 07:52 redoneblueone3dxd I wore a Diaper on Halloween as part of my costume, and I do actually need them, My cousin yelled at me for it saying I degrading myself and now we’re not speaking

My cousin yelled at me for wearing a Diaper on Halloween and said I was humiliating myself because I do actually need them because of my bladder condition.
So I wrote about this in another subreddit post, but was told on this post I can give more detail since the character counter is higher. This involves me, my girlfriend and my cousin. I’ll be using cover names so that real names aren’t used. My girlfriend: “jess” (31f) My cousin: “Macey” (28f) Me (28m) Me and my cousin had a argument at a Halloween party over my costume and she berated me about it and made me and my girlfriend feel bad about our costume choice. Me and my cousin have always been close but I swear she overacted to what I was wearing and now we’re not taking, ansi really don’t want to talk to her either especially since made feel bad about myself. I love her but I have no idea how I’m going speak to her again after this or at least be civil I’m hoping tog eat some advice from here on how to handle both my cousin and my girlfriend. Sorry if this long. Backstory: When I was in middle In middle school i fell down the steps because I lost my footing. I ended up hurting my back and pinching a nerve, the nerve never truly healed right, I’m not in chronic pain at all but my bladder paid the price. So I need to wear protection, guards during the day to stop any leakage. I can hold it in but not for very long but I always find a bathroom but there are some blotches from some minor leakage which I can feel coming, and protective underwear at night where Unfortunately I have accidents, at least three times a weeks. There are mornings I will wake up with out one, but I can’t take the risk. I do try to manage it and do exercise, especially in my core and kegels and even tried medications, they help, but it’s still something I had to learn to accept.
So me and Jess have been dating for a year and half now, she’s 3 years older than me, that’s important for later. She’s fully aware of my situation. She did have to get use to it at first and we have talked it out many times and I respected her easing into our relationship because of this. It’s all understandable. But she completely cool with it now. I am so grateful she’s so considerate because we do sleep together and unfortunately there have accidents. There are only a handful of people who know of my situation and Jess is very tight blip about it. It’s just part of our everyday routine now and we hardly notice it.
For this Halloween we were trying figure out costumes. We had few ideas in mind and discussed different ideas. Then eventually after looking online, Jess found an idea online. She said “Please don’t think I’m making fun of you but I found something I thinks could pull off and be a hit” I said “whats is it?” she cringed and said “I’m not making fun of you, but what about the cradle robber, I’d be the robber cause I’m older and you’d be the baby cause your younger, its just and idea we don’t have to do it and this has nothing to your problem,”. I thought “No I don’t wanna be baby why would I wanna do that, andI was worried about my condition being exposed too, but mainly I just didn’t wanna be a baby. Jess said “it was just an idea, I saw it online and just thought it was good costume I would never make you feel bad.” I love that she’s really considerate of my feelings and I believed her, she just thought it was a clever idea. but then I thought, that really is a good idea! I said “Lets do it that actually would be a good costume and its Halloween who cares what people think there not goanna know I actually need protection”. She was surprise and said okay. For a while she kept saying we compulsion change costumes or even reverse the rules of me being the robber and her being that baby, but I felt confident enough to do it and wanted to do it. Last Saturday we attended a Halloween party. Jess wore a black & white stripe shirt with black pants and hat with her hair down and a mask with a fake bag of money and I wore a blue and white baby bonnet and bib with a blue shirt and one of my night time diapers over a few pairs of regular white briefs and drank beer from a baby bottle. We were a hit at the part and everyone thought I was funny. Until my cousin Macey showed up. she was dressed like a purple alien in a full body suit with purple feathery skirt and a headband with antennas. I always considered Macey one of my best friends cause grew up together and were family and I figured she find my costume hilarious like everyone else. I was wrong. When she saw me she instantly pulled me away when she saw me away from everyone and began to berate me, she said “OP what are you wearing This is the most humiliating thing you could do to yourself! What if someone found out you ACTUALLY NEED DIAPERS! What if you have an accident! Have you even thought this through, you could end up really humiliating yourself, what posed you to do this did Jess put you up to this? This isn’t okay!l. I got angry because she was really not acting like my cousin more like a bully. I said “It’s called the cradle robber costume, Jess is the robber and I’m the baby she stole from the cradle! cause of our age difference, and yes I am aware I need protection, why don’t you say it a little louder for everyone to hear! It’s none of your business, and I’m not goanna have An accident, I can hold my bladder get make to the bathroom in time before anything happens, I did prepare for this, and Jess came up with this idea and I thought it was good and wanted to don this! And I wasn’t feeling humiliated until now cause your the one humiliating me and making me feel bad about myself! I left her and ignored her the rest of the night and spend the rest of the evening enjoying myself and avoiding her as much as possible. Jess is upset over this cuz it was her idea, but I’m the one who wanted to do it. And now she wants to wear something different for another party we have coming up.
I have no idea how I’m going to talk to Macey now, I don’t even know what she’s going to say to people about my costume. It’s not a secret, I was wearing it in public at party, odds are there’s a picture out there somewhere of me and Jess in our costume and obviously we took photos of ourselves too. Macey was really out of line imo, I was not happy that she hurt Jess’ feelings either. I really don’t wanna see or talk to her for awhile, I wanna know why She did what she did but I just can’t Handel her right now, what should do.
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2021.10.22 07:52 AdministrationKind14 Mythra

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2021.10.22 07:52 Essay_Fit Played my Wildcard for GW9, Safe to say I'm looking forward to this weekend

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2021.10.22 07:52 TheAsda99 Hypercube 2021. Is it still relevant?

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2021.10.22 07:52 AuntWacky1976 Inktober '21, Day 14: Tick, Fruit, and Colonial Nothing profound today, just a colonial clock with an apple.

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2021.10.22 07:52 RealPhanZero Gen X, we fucked it up - but here's why Gen Y and Gen Z will do what we weren't able to...

I'm late Gen X and all I can say is: We fucked it up. For us and for the generations after us. But knowing this opens door to possibilities. We knew right from the start that the system was never fair, like most of you Gen Y and Gen Z know. What we didn't had back then and what you have is... the internet.
When we saw the flaws in the system, we talked about it with colleagues, our friends... but all that was very local. You, on the other hand, have the internet, where you can share your experiences with companies, bosses, your wages, shitty work conditions and all that... and were you can organize protest, help each other out.
And one more thing: You have allies within my generation. Within every generation. Find us. Talk with us if company screwed you up - some of us already have reached positions where we could do something. And we will do it. We feel the same, most of us do.
A few days ago I talked with my dad (80+) about work and how I hate it - he simply said "I know. I hated my shitty job all my life." It's not that every Boomer should be your or my enemy, many of them feel the same. Talk with them. Not with the people who profit from the status quo, they'll never want to change any of that. The issues won't go away when Boomers all have retired - there will be others who profit then and they'll keep that system running. Unite with those like-minded people, no matter the generation they were born in. And make use of the internet. Talk. Exchange. Share. Help each other.
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2021.10.22 07:52 d-sane8 gool, D-SANe8 / SANe INFINITY(me), DIGITAL, 2021

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2021.10.22 07:52 Weemaddz Looking for mature realm

Hi I am looking for a realm to join, I'd prefer over 25 but over 21 is fine, I have no interest in anything under especially under 18 as they would be too young for me, I don't mind if it's new or established, I am mostly used to the realms with shopping districts, game centres in them, so would enjoy a similer one, if its a realm that will keep restarting then I am not intrested as I enjoy long term builds, I also have a discord and am happy to chat on the xbox, thanks
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2021.10.22 07:52 Bluelightning74 Finally got them all!

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