Is Blue Banisters the country album that was mentioned earlier?

2021.10.22 06:51 disbitchisinvincible Is Blue Banisters the country album that was mentioned earlier?

While it’s not traditionally country at all, the use of Ennio Morricone’s The Trio as the interlude, as well as, the epic guitars on Text Book and horns in Arcadia, it kind of sounds spaghetti-western inspired. Does anyone else feel this way?
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2021.10.22 06:51 dan9400 Anyone ever got one of these cheaply made fines?was only parked for 10mins and came back to this

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2021.10.22 06:51 666SexPix For just the cost of a Kittitian Hooker Handie you too can discover why Amy Snow is known as the Pink Pulser

She just posted the longest XXXplicit wall(<-included w subscription) PPV excerpt clip.
At the 1:05 mark, why i do declare i haven't seen such a voracious volcanic yawning maw since Star Trek's The Doomsday Machine.
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2021.10.22 06:51 donfam When did you last drink alcohol?

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2021.10.22 06:51 Obiwan_my_homie this shows up when i want to track my merch. Does anyone else have this?

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2021.10.22 06:51 ugglee_exe Buying tickets

If anyone is selling tickets for London please dm me I’ll pay any price
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2021.10.22 06:51 moonlessnight56 Can’t make post with image.

Ok so exactly what it sounds like, I been trying to make an post with a pic and it won’t let me. I tried posting without pic and it works. Also the subreddit I try posting definitely also me to post. I try to post and it literally kicks me out of the app.
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2021.10.22 06:51 theomegod Father I have now played GTA and I will go outside and commit mass murder.... This mentality has to change. My favorite point is how there were many brutal wars even before gaming was invented and how no one brings that part up

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2021.10.22 06:51 easyinvstr Question regarding the Mod Rod (Plymouth or Ford).

I've been looking around and kind of come to the conclusion that the "Mod Rod" is based on the '33 Plymouth, but it could also be a '33/'34 Ford Coupe.
Any insights?
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2021.10.22 06:51 whitford93 Help

I wanna quit drinking im trying to slow down but after a couple days my head feels like its going to explode and I feel different and get bad anxiety idk what to do
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2021.10.22 06:51 th3frozenpriest Tome of the Mind - Chapter 15

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Oblivious to the unusual and emotional moment, the defeated sparring opponent picked himself off the ground and straightened his robe, grinning in welcome at Tobi. Tobi nodded silently in his direction, passing along a silent message for the man not to interrupt. Longfang himself clambered labourously to his feet and padded over, the floorboards squeaking under his weight.
“Samuel,” Shigeru said faintly. “You’re…. Alive?”
“It’s a long story,” Samuel said, his own voice caught up in the emotion of their reunion. “But yes, I’m back.”
Shigeru crossed the space between them in a flash, his hands reaching out to grab a hold of Samuel’s shoulders. Samuel shifted slightly, unused to such an emotional display from his old friend, but tried to smile reassuringly. Then Shigeru was embracing him firmly, pulling the thinner figure in. Samuel patted him awkwardly on the back, muttering inaudible words of reassurance.
Just as quickly, Shigeru released him, his face settling back to a closer resemblance of his calm demeanor. “What happened to you, Samuel-san? We all thought you dead. You were gone for almost a hundred years!”
Samuel rubbed his ribs absent-mindedly while he considered his reply. Shigeru still had considerable strength and didn’t seem to be aware of it. He was sure there would be bruising there the next day. The cost was well worth it, though, if the reward was meeting one of his greatest friends after a century of separation.
“Well, I still don’t know exactly what happened,” he tried to explain. “Grimr gave me a few ideas, but it’s mostly a mystery. For me, only a few months have passed.”
He began to explain what had transpired after they had parted ways again, this time filtering in Grimr’s opinions along with his own assumptions after weeks of deep thought. Shigeru interrupted him after a few minutes, insisting that they discuss it over the evening meal. They retreated from the main room to a much smaller set of rooms that were Shigeru’s quarters and sat down on soft cushions with bowls of savory beef stew.
Samuel, famished after his chaotic day, ate the stew with almost divine fervor, trying his best to continue the story in between sizeable bites. Shigeru ate little, instead sitting eagerly as he listened to Samuel. He leaned forward with interest, his eyes never leaving the mage. It was almost as if he feared that Samuel would disappear again if he looked away. After his time with Sera, Samuel could understand the sentiment, even if he still felt unchanged himself.
“Sera told me quite a bit of what you’ve accomplished in the past years,” Samuel said. “It seems you’ve lived a good life.”
Shigeru grinned at that, seeming to relax a little. “It hasn’t always been pleasant. But compared to my early years and our campaign against Neratas, it has been much easier.”
Tobi, who had been eating nearly as eagerly as Samuel, set down his empty bowl and stretched luxuriously. “Why did you never mention Samuel, Father? From what I see, you were good friends.”
“Yes, we were firm comrades,” Shigeru agreed. “We may have only known each other for a short time, but Samuel made a considerable impression on me.”
“Not as much as you,” Samuel retorted through another chunk of meat. “You and Grimr changed my life so drastically.”
“That’s just reinforcing my point,” Tobi said impatiently. “You never spoke of Samuel before.”
“Only a few others knew that we’d met,” Shigeru said quietly. “And only one of them is alive now to remember.”
“Two,” Samuel corrected him with a grin. “Grimr will be offended you left him out.”
Both Shigeru and Tobi laughed at that. “The truth of the matter is that my personal code of honor prevented it, Tobito.”
“So Tobi is short for something,” Samuel put in. “I was wondering about that.”
“Father is the only one who insists on calling me by my full name,” Tobi said, rolling his eyes. “So I never knew you existed, because Father is not allowed regret.”
Samuel finished the last spoonful of stew in his bowl and set it down, patting his stomach comfortably. The quality of food had greatly improved everywhere he went, and he only faintly remembered those days of bland porridge and nearly-spoiled meat that he had survived on in his youth. It was easily his favorite part of the world’s growth. Adjusting his position on the thick cushion that served as his seat, he leaned forward, making eye contact with Shigeru.
“I have a few questions for you,” he said abruptly. “I can’t think of anyone else who could answer them.”
Shigeru stared back evenly, his calm face giving nothing away. Underneath the calm expression, he was doubtlessly experiencing a wave of strong emotions at the sudden reappearance of his old friend, but Shigeru had always been excellent at controlling his emotions. Even in the early days when they’d first met, he’d been cool and unshakable.
“You wish to know of the war,” he answered. “Not to mention the rumors of unrest among the lower classes.”
Samuel, unsurprised by the accurate assumption, nodded silently. He knew that Shigeru would understand his desire at once, and would not attempt to distract or waylay him. Lies were not favorable in his friends’ eyes.
“Yes. Let us begin with the ‘peasant unrest’ as I’ve heard it called. Will they really rebel and attack?”
“It is difficult to be sure,” Shigeru said slowly, taking a sip of tea to give himself time to think. “Their pain and suffering at the hands of the Rainhall family are undeniable.”
“I met some guards of theirs,” Samuel commented. “It seems they have taken over my father’s old estate.”
“Your estate,” Shigeru corrected him. “And yes, their influence has grown substantially over the years. I have tried to use my influence to make life better for the common people, but as a foreigner, my word counts for very little.”
“You’re a Lord of Milagre now, aren’t you?” Samuel asked. “Surely that counts for something.”
“It was the old King Aren who granted me the title,” Shigeru said with a slight shrug. “He was a great honorable man. His son and grandson, who rules now, are less impressionable. They listen only to those who contribute the most gold, and the Rainhall family is particularly well-endowed.”
“I see,” Samuel said quietly. He was beginning to get a clearer image in his mind, and it was not a good one. “So do you think that they will revolt against the cruelty?”
“This is a very proud nation.”
“That’s not a straight answer,” Samuel cut in. “As your friend, Shigeru, I need to know.”
Shigeru heaved a deep sigh, staring concernedly at the young mage. Then he looked away for the first time since Samuel’s arrival, turning to share a glance with his adopted son. Tobi, who had been a silent but interested spectator, understood what his father wanted. He took up the conversation himself.
“It is almost guaranteed, Samuel,” the young warrior said. “They have been abused for many years, and they do not intend to let their children suffer as they have.”
Samuel had expected to hear that, but it still resonated horribly in his ears. What chance did the common people have against the crown? He’d seen obvious signs of the military might’s growth since his return to Milagre. Soldiers and City Guards were more common than ever, pacing the streets, easily visible in their chain mail and bright surcoats.
“I expect the Crown will order you to defend the city if that day comes,” Samuel said with a sigh. “I’m not sure where I’ll be when the fighting comes, but I’d rather not take part in it.”
Shigeru nodded his understanding but didn’t comment further. They stretched into a long silence as Tobi picked up the empty bowls and carried them out of the room. It wasn’t until he returned and sat himself down that the silence was broken. Clearing his throat to gain their attention, Tobi turned to his father.
“There’s one more thing, Father,” he said. “I’ve asked Samuel to be my mentor, and he seems willing. The College requires your permission to make it official.”
Shigeru’s expression cleared at once, and he turned to survey Samuel with unmistakable interest. “Oh, that sounds like a great idea!”
“Really?” Samuel said, staring at him in surprise. “You know I’m not that skilled of a mage, yet, right?”
Shigeru waved a hand in dismissal. “You’re plenty good, Samuel-san. Tobito could learn many things under your tutelage. Frankly, I’m surprised you want to be saddled with an apprentice. You’re not the best with people, you know.”
Samuel chuckled at that. “That’s true. But he’s your son, so I couldn’t refuse. But I still have much to learn myself. Do you think I could study under you for a while? I want to get better with Arcana’s blade.”
“You own a sword?” Tobi asked, just as surprised as Samuel had been. “Did you leave it in the tavern?”
“It is always with him,” Shigeru said. “Show him, Samuel.”
Glad that he’d taken the time to check he could actually summon the blade, Samuel muttered the command to bring it out, catching it by the scabbard as it appeared. Then he held it out for Tobi to see.
“A magic blade,” the Apprentice said. “That seems useful.”
“Tobito could instruct you,” Shigeru offered. “He’s been training since I adopted him. He’s quite skilled with a long sword.”
Tobi made no move to take the sword but studied it in silence for a moment. “Yes. I could teach you how to use the sword, in return for your teaching in magic.”
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2021.10.22 06:51 MrDEVOLution the Ugly Ones Blu-ray

Anybody have an exact date as to when Wild East is releasing The Ugly Ones on Blu-ray? I preordered mine a month ago and thought I would have received it by now.
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2021.10.22 06:51 Naive_Inspection8183 AvaxPunks - History repeat itself 🔁

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2021.10.22 06:51 skatermaniack333 Tražim osobu s profilom na

U lovu sam na određene spider man stripove i pronašao sam nekoliko brojeva na gore spomenutoj stranici. Nakon nekoliko pokušaja registracije nisam uspio stoga tražim pomoć od osobe koja ima profil da mi se javi porukom na redditu kako bi mi dao e-mail prodavača čija aukcija istječe za 2 dana kako bih pokušao nabaviti spomenute stripove.
Veliko hvala svakome na pomoći !
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2021.10.22 06:51 TooOldToWorry My Candidate - Look up your local ward Candidates for each party

Saw a link to this site in an article. The site name is My Candidate. Just enter your address and it will give you a list of each party's candidate for your ward.
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2021.10.22 06:51 Old_Sprinkles8661 Boomer Jokes

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2021.10.22 06:51 Virtual-Knight No change there, then.

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2021.10.22 06:51 RinaChoice 5 Min CARDIO WORKOUT [ NO Jumping | At Home | NO Equipment ]

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2021.10.22 06:51 Lss_mobile_2330 Povc

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2021.10.22 06:51 ZENAQUOB Redefining truth

Truth is
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2021.10.22 06:51 timi677 Marina Mui

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2021.10.22 06:51 hirarki Relentless Flame vs Unseen Depth ??

I just got my second 500 coin, So I really confused which deck to buy first

My situation are:
- I know relentless flame is popular, but should I choose the kyogre deck as he is water type to counter charizard deck?
- I got daily object to KO pokemon with water type pokemon

With that situation kyogre deck better or still relentless flame is better choice for second deck?
my main in dragonite who I love so much
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2021.10.22 06:51 Accomplished-Lime-73 Episodes

Does Ps5 actually have more episodes than pc because it looks very limited on pc right now and I just came back?
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2021.10.22 06:51 TheManFromVault11 Plans for Jack o'lantern short suit/pant suit/pirate costume/hat, are these dropping?

In lonevaultwanderers video and on the wiki it eludes to these plans dropping from spooky Scorched but not much more info, can anyone confirm this?
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