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This whole joke is ✨very unfunny✨

2022.01.22 11:52 Crafty-Bench-1974 This whole joke is ✨very unfunny✨

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2022.01.22 11:52 lovimiko Home alone 😈🍆💦

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2022.01.22 11:52 kimjong-ill Chocolate Babka recommendations??

Anyone know of any good babka in the area? We recently had a family loss, and sweet pastries are some of the only foods we can get a beloved family member to eat. We just ran out of the babka someone sent us, and I'd love to get some more to bring them. Any recommendations???
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2022.01.22 11:52 Wafexx The only thing stand btw us and them

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2022.01.22 11:52 Few-Currency234 A good car pack to buy

I play on Switch and it's the Nevada season update, I'm doing the Peugeot Onyx trial to grind for tokens but I don't know which car pack I should spend it on. My option is the Buggati Chiron or the Regera but I want to know which one is better in terms of grinding since I have 26 bp for Chiron and only 5 for Regera
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2022.01.22 11:52 ylu223 Fashion >>> Defense. Made my first Enigma today!!

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2022.01.22 11:52 RonlineTech Your time is limited so .....

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2022.01.22 11:52 visualsno I need to do a crowdfunding to pay for my medical treatment but I don't know how to do it and I need advice

I'm embarrassed to do it, but it's my last hope. I've never done this before, so I don't know how it works. What platform should I use? How should I do it? I desperately need treatment as I am getting worse and worse every day and I am more dependent on my parents. I would be immensely grateful if you could help me, please. I am only 21 years old and I need this opportunity to be able to live a productive life. I don't want to be a burden for the rest of my life.
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2022.01.22 11:52 RedK9-_- I just pet my doggie

I love my doggie
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2022.01.22 11:52 ApsMadMan23 Cards from my collection are GONE!

I used to play arena for a while and I quit right before brawl was released.

I redownloaded to game today and after logging in I'm missing A LOT of cards.

Is this something that has happened to anyone before?
And is anyone is aware of a way I could try to get my cards back?

(P.S.: I have checked historic etc. settings, I can see the cards when selecting "Uncrafted" in the filter.)
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2022.01.22 11:52 Particular-Ad-1195 Islamic Republic Of Serbia ( Islamska Republika Srbija )

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2022.01.22 11:52 hardworking_investor Investing in which out of these 4 crypto communities will give me the best returns?

Elaborate in the comments.. please and thanks!
View Poll
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2022.01.22 11:52 JanElizKor Ag Commissioner Sid Miller Ditches Consultant Indicted Over Alleged Bribes for Hemp Licenses

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2022.01.22 11:52 JudgmentPuzzleheaded review , what to change

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2022.01.22 11:52 EdouxDoux Running Hard Rock Playlist 🔥🔥 (suggestions welcome)

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2022.01.22 11:52 Kenadog33 Comfy😊

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2022.01.22 11:52 mvgenerator MVGEN: SpameMane : miss you

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2022.01.22 11:52 PostBookBlues Snowman :D

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2022.01.22 11:52 Marylandurrr What is the single biggest regret of your life?

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2022.01.22 11:52 iiillliillil54321 "Stay off reddit, stay off Facebook stay off the internet. Only trust Karl Monohan. He's worth 1,000 an hour." - Marcus Peppiatt

25:20 "dont go on facebook or reddit."
34:25 " even if Karl charged 1000€ an hour its worth it"
Marcus got rid of 9 years of pelvic pain from 4 months of therapy. Someone convince me this isnt a paid actor ?
There are very, very, very not nice people out there in general and especially so in the pelvic pain world. The catastrophic thinking gets critical levels in the quest for help with this condition.
Every corner I'm turning seems to be someone who wants my money
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2022.01.22 11:52 Finish_Training This is melanoma? This nevus is over my right scapula. I have this since 2016. Recently, i have visited two dermatologist (first in november and second in december 2021) the first one told me all of my nevus are ok, but the second told me about to return for check routine in march/april. Bad english

This is melanoma? This nevus is over my right scapula. I have this since 2016. Recently, i have visited two dermatologist (first in november and second in december 2021) the first one told me all of my nevus are ok, but the second told me about to return for check routine in march/april. Bad english submitted by Finish_Training to Melanoma [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 11:52 sanck999 [22] Necesito un consejo

Nunca me interesaron las relaciones amorosas, pero hace unos 6 meses decidí intentarlo con alguien que acababa de conocer y empezamos a enviarnos mensajes o confiar más el uno el otro, hasta que tuvimos nuestra primera cita y nos besamos, actualmente ella ya no me contesta porque no se siente bien pero no se que hacer. Quiero hablar con alguien sobre todo esto y me de un consejo.
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2022.01.22 11:52 NewsCryptocurrency Digital Asset Banking: Traditional Allies

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2022.01.22 11:52 renansimoes 1:33 / 2:44 360 | VR | Monster - 4K | 60fps | 3D

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