2022.01.22 11:06 TheDevelopedDeed 🎁GIVEAWAY IN FEW DAYS🎁 >>READ COMMENT<<

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2022.01.22 11:06 BobBelcherSaysIdiot I’m so so sorry

The uncircumcised members of Bridge 4 have a Bridge four-skin
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2022.01.22 11:06 Vycaris I'm not salty at all

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2022.01.22 11:06 f00dl3 Above freezing morning forecast for this next week

Right now Monday and Friday look to be the two best candidates for mornings starting above freezing this next week. The weather pattern will be mostly dry though a weak storm may be nearby on Thursday that could bring light rain showers or snow showers to the area. The bigger storm as mentioned yesterday should hold off to the following week.

Not much else going on weather-wise. Enjoy the weekend! Kind of a boring weather stretch here.
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2022.01.22 11:06 amancoreseg Google sued for allegedly falsely promoting Pixel 4, its flagship smartphone from two years ago

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2022.01.22 11:06 Meloncholy3 The Things I Know

I thought Hamlet overrated when I first read it in college. Bloated, at over four hours, it features a protagonist who mopes about the stage, is unspeakably cruel to his girlfriend, then dies - along with everyone else.
Recently, however, I’ve developed a taste for it.
Everyone’s lying in Hamlet.
Every last person is lying - from the ignominious Rozencrantz and Guildenstern who barely take a breath before deciding to throw Hamlet under the bus, to King Claudius, who killed his own brother (Hamlet’s dad), thereby gaining both a kingdom and a wife. How’s that for getting two birds stoned at once?
The entire plot of the play involves Hamlet hiding behind corners and arranging elaborate stunts in an effort to figure out whether or not Claudius committed murder.
I was a lot luckier than Hamlet.
No play within a play for me.
All I needed was a lucky break that revealed the lovebirds illicitly nesting in the heart of my marriage.
I just have the outlines. Fragments of conversation.
God, he wants her. Not God, her.
She thought her life was over at 40, but now there’s hope for new adventures.
He calls her "dearest" and "sweetie."
She wants him to shave off his beard, then she doesn't.
She watches porn, but the actors pale in comparison to him.
I look at the evidence, trembling, barely able to work my fingers.
I leave the room, go downstairs, and make some coffee, but I want to scream from the rooftops: "I know about the two of you. I know. I know. I know."
I don't do that.
I keep my mouth shut and say nothing, but I wonder if this is the right thing to do or not. Should I act? Am I a coward if I don’t? I mope about the house when nobody’s looking. I drink wine and wear black.
I’m Hamlet.
There's been the slow drift of something rotten seeping from my floorboards, winding around the staircase, curling under the bed. I sniff, but I don’t speak.
He leaves today without knowing that I know.
I would tell him in a minute if I thought that it would change his mind, if he would put down the bag, cancel the movers, take my hand in his, and tell me it would be okay. Even if he didn't do this, even if he still left - if there was any hope of him simply looking at me with kindness and regret, I would tell him.
But no.
He’d just look at me like he has for the past three weeks as if I’m something rotten, the garbage at the root of our home. I see it in his eyes. I'm the festering thing at the root of it all.
So I say nothing as he prepares to leave.
There's a feast at the end of Hamlet where the truth comes out along with poisoned wine and deadly daggers, but there's no feast here, no bodies on the stage.
He leaves taking the truth with him.
I look around.
And breath fresh air.
- Melon
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2022.01.22 11:06 Martykauffman OREO CAKESTERS ARE BACK !!!! and this is my review

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2022.01.22 11:06 3D_Crypto_Skulls 3D Crypto Skulls NFT

We giveaway 50 skulls to discord members and 50 to twitter best retweeters.
Full colection starts on 31.1.2022. Taste IT!
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2022.01.22 11:06 Old_Truth6995 JAKE PAUL OR LOGAN PAUL? - SIDEMEN WOULD YOU RATHER 2

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2022.01.22 11:06 Hf8uz Baby don't hurt me

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2022.01.22 11:06 Particular_Honey_129 There's this guy fashion/aesthetic I really enjoy (I'm a girl btw), and I like to imitate it- but now my intrusive thoughts are saying it's because I want to be guy. I can't even just enjoy aesthetics/fashion without thinking about those stuff TT

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2022.01.22 11:06 Electrical-Expert-79 Aussie cricket's gone mad

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2022.01.22 11:06 RYUJIN_HYPE Hail king yoriichi, rip rengoku😭

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2022.01.22 11:06 Sufficient-Major-234 [GTM] Ultrasound.

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2022.01.22 11:06 Neville_Lynwood 9 Power Habits of the Rich and Famous: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life - FREE until January 24th [Kindle]

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2022.01.22 11:06 Roalrider Zaragoza Map

Is there some sort of map or searching site for Zaragoza? I'd like to find some PvP relevant bulbasaur from here if possible
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2022.01.22 11:06 TouhouWeasel A reminder that the Coal Wars events of Appalachia and Colorado were not a peaceful affair.

Is anybody here familiar with the history of workers' rights around the world? It was paid for with blood. Any means to enforce or maintain the fifth rule of this subreddit should be frustrated by any means necessary. Disarming ourselves from use of violence while our enemies will happily continue to do so is nothing short of complete and utter surrender.
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Herkese merhaba;
Yakinda kendiminde dahil olacagim akademi dünyasinda ve internette çok fazla gereksiz adam, ayni sekilde yeteri kadar deger verilmeyen fakat oldukca önemli türk insanlarınin olduğuna kanaat getirdiğimden, "OKUMAYA VE İNCELEMEYE DEGER KİSİLER KILAVUZU" adli bir proje başlattım.
Proje amaci, kendilerinden birseyler ögrenebilecegimiz türk düsünürlerini bulmak, listelemek, nihayetinde bu insanlari uğraştıkları dallara göre ayırmak, sonuc olarak doğru bilgiye, dogru insanlar araciligi ile ulasmaktir.
Sizinde eklemek istediginiz, yada begendiginiz kisiler varsa mesaj atmaktan cekinmeyin.
Not: Diger projelerimde oldugu gibi bu projede de herhangi bir kar amaci güdülmemekte, projenin tek amaci listelenen kisilerin taninirliginin arttirilmasi ayni zamanda ilgilenen kisiye fayda saglamasidir.
Proje Linki : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P59jgOr8-71QhfFcSkNh9uxK7bg61lmH9t6wagNl6GM/edit?usp=sharing
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2022.01.22 11:06 opienandm An in depth review of the pedestrian signs.

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2022.01.22 11:06 NihilisticNoir STELLA NOX FLEURET ¦ Artist : Marut Thanomluk

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2022.01.22 11:06 amancoreseg Google sued for allegedly falsely promoting Pixel 4, its flagship smartphone from two years ago

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2022.01.22 11:06 olahotorp Courses to play around Sarasota, FL while I’m on vacation.

Made a new golf buddy at work this year in Mass. Coincidentally we’re going to be in Florida around the same time for a few days. He’ll be in the Tampa Area and I’ll be in Englewood.
Any course recommendations that are in the middle of those that you guys would recommend. Looking to pay 50-75 a round with cart included.
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2022.01.22 11:06 Fasterup How to ignore files in commit?

I have a gitignore file which looks like this: .idea/workspace.xml __pycache__/ run_compare_hpc.cmd transaction_data.csv *.csv *.xls *.xlsx *.pickle *.json *token.pickle *.log *.pyOLD .idea/*.* .idea *.iml *.xml
However I still have som eiml and xml files that's in my suggested commit. How can I move those to the ignored section (see image)?
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2022.01.22 11:06 cloctor 媒体人赵少康自比独裁者习近平,女丑方芳要赏他两巴掌!

中广董事长赵少康。 图:张良一/摄(资料照)
方芳接受中央广播电视总台访谈,表示支持一个中国。 翻摄自腾讯网


newtalk2022.01.22 陈昭南
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2022.01.22 11:06 exskeletor Stolen from tpusa

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