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Reading FC fans banner pre kick off today

2006 — New England’s Doug Flutie converts the NFL’s first successful drop kick in 64 years during a 28-26 loss to Miami. ... Classic in front of a league-record 71,217 fans. In elements way ... West Ham fans will have to rework their song for the manager on Sunday as there will be two David Moyes at the London Stadium. Moyes will be accompanied by his Dad, also called David, for the ... Daniel Carlson’s latest clutch field goal for the Las Vegas Raiders earned him some fans from across the country. Carlson’s overtime winner from 47 yards on Sunday gave the Raiders a 35-32 win ... NEW YORK (AP) — If you can't make it to New York to see Sutton Foster on Broadway in the classic musical “The Music Man,” don't worry. You can always catch her at your local movie theater in another classic musical. A filmed recording of the two-time Tony Award-winner leading the high-kicking ...

2022.01.22 12:04 therealadamaust Reading FC fans banner pre kick off today

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2022.01.22 12:04 Electrical_Joke_4219 What's the best way to Farm levels as a killer?

I asked some friends who play the game and they said that afking as a killer is the best option but idk about that so I'm asking the community
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2022.01.22 12:04 Charlie24601 Searching for glass frogs breeders

I know a guy who is looking to breed this crazy species and he's looking for other breeders or even zoo keepers who might have some info to share.
Anyone know someone who can help?
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2022.01.22 12:04 onborrowedtime9 H:JE+P Gat Plasma W:Legacy Range any The Dragon or Legacy offer

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2022.01.22 12:04 Nash4N00b Sudden vision blur that goes away

Recently, I’ve been experiencing some changes in my vision. It’s like my vision suddenly is out of focus, but goes back to normal after a few seconds(1-3). What can this be?
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2022.01.22 12:04 Ordinary-Virus-9812 3D mystery alien!

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2022.01.22 12:04 Late_Cardiologist684 [FRESH] Poem Of Souls - Who I Am Anymore

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2022.01.22 12:04 this_is_username1 First R key

First R key
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2022.01.22 12:04 p_adam0425 The antimeme paradox?

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2022.01.22 12:04 EveningSound2223 This thing is poop from a butt.

I took a big loss on this. Good Ole coinbase pro got me good with its initial listing rug pull. Lesson learned and to the other bag holders I feel you.
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2022.01.22 12:04 hungryamerican The plane at Daytona is WAY TOO FAST.

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2022.01.22 12:04 introverteddude551 Inserting a penis into a vagina is similar to an enzymatic reaction

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2022.01.22 12:04 herojeff21alt Ok so this happened…

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2022.01.22 12:04 ResistFlat9916 Did batch pay double in CA?

I'm sure you all in California have noticed the recent and substantial batch pay increase. Have a theory about that?
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2022.01.22 12:04 EvertonFury19 Lucas Digne vs. Everton: ◉ Most touches (93) ◉ Most passes (48) ◉ Most interceptions (3)

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2022.01.22 12:04 TheHotSauceGuy Happy National Hot Sauce Day! What is your go to hot sauce on this great spicy day of hot sauce celebration?! 🤘🌶🔥

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2022.01.22 12:04 Inishmore12 Women’s perspectives about filtered selfies

It seems that so many women lately heavily filter their selfies on social media. I see it from women of all ages. I’m truly not bashing - to each their own. I’m just curious as to the reasoning. Filtered photos seem so obviously blurred and smoothed over.
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2022.01.22 12:04 6th_Dimension [ALL] Zelda soundtrack tier list

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2022.01.22 12:04 PhotoshopPsychopath Mrs.President and the First Ladyman

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2022.01.22 12:04 JohnsonTey_ UPDATE ON INCIDENT: District Recovery Operation The gaspipe explosion occurred back in March has been finally contained by NERA's fire & rescue battalions and local fire services after two months. Roads are still closed but will be mended soon according to Public Transport Authority (PTA)

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2022.01.22 12:04 TerceraVia Pau Juvillà and Catalan Parliament will battle at Supreme Court to retain MP's seat

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2022.01.22 12:04 armcburney Email/text marketing software with persistent countdown timers

Hey all - does anybody know if there's a software out there that can help send emails and/or text messages that can keep a countdown timer in sync on a specific sales page, for a specific user?
This way, if a user opened the same link from the same email on a device an hour later... the countdown wouldn't re-start, it'd stay where it was based on when they received the email.
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2022.01.22 12:04 bassistheplace246 Managed to finally time travel to the year 2035 and beat Persona 6 Elite. Best game ever made, 11/10.

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2022.01.22 12:04 LordUltimus92 [WP] The greatest fear every time traveler has is getting "rewritten" into the time period you are visiting and losing yourself forever.

A possible side effect in time traveling too far is getting "woven" into whatever time period you are in. In essence, you are essentially "rewritten" to fit in whatever time you are in. Your clothes change, your attitude, even your memories. Physical evidence exists to support all this, and in fact always has existed retroactively. In extreme cases, even family and friends that you left behind suddenly vanish from their original time and reappear completely rewoven in whatever time period you are in. In theory, this is the timeline naturally (if callously) healing itself from potential damage, but if it happens too much at once, the universe will be in serious jeopardy.
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2022.01.22 12:04 dcrlinqblxe Finally, after 39 years and a lot of lag, I have had 102 babies.

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