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Ab nach Allmannshausen

2022.01.22 11:43 LoremFipsum Ab nach Allmannshausen

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2022.01.22 11:43 hilmiira The behavior of cross breeded lovebirds

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2022.01.22 11:43 Kskarp7 Hey guys, recently just bought my first rx7, can someone help specify what weekly, monthly, yearly etc maintenance i should do?

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2022.01.22 11:43 bumblebeeslim Breaks My Heart

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2022.01.22 11:43 mahdiy_blicky a morning walk through LES a few months ago

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2022.01.22 11:43 Dflax01 Which pic is best working on my profile

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2022.01.22 11:43 Shyguynintendo07 "A Forgotten Gem" - Medal of Honor Infiltrator

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2022.01.22 11:43 Dave1962 US No Longer Supports EastMed Gas Pipeline. Someone should ask the Biden Administration why the only pipelines they support are the ones that benefit Russia. FJB

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2022.01.22 11:43 veeskameeska Simmons Insights

Hi all - this may be a silly question, but I’m not sure.
I’m a recent marketing graduate and had access to Simmons OneView (now Simmons Insights) in school.
Is this platform available in terms of individual licenses for users? The site isn’t the most intuitive to figure this information out, so I’m just wondering if it’s a platform that lends itself to single users doing research.
If not, does anyone have suggestions for other similar consumer insight software that I’d be able to tap into?
Thank ya!!
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2022.01.22 11:43 Bucket-Of-Fire What are correct leveled cards?

So the terms “over leveled” and “under leveled” get thrown around a lot (rightfully so most of the time), so I was just wondering what range is considered normal leveled.
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2022.01.22 11:43 RaviiOle Rubia is "a mimir" ;)

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2022.01.22 11:43 rvmarls Is this something to worry about?! Have had this cactus for a year now, noticing these patches growing on newer areas. Previously it was just on the bottom. Is this corking?? Thanks guys!!

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2022.01.22 11:43 MGhosnw_456 Paboritong volleyball player

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2022.01.22 11:43 Jakobwb28 120 Lbs of Pure Sex: A Thread.

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2022.01.22 11:43 DMoxyMoron New peak hours during pandemic?

Like a lot of people, I used to go to the gym either before or after work and had a somewhat typical 9-5 job. Since the pandemic, I am working remotely, as are a lot of people and I was wondering if that's had an effect on gym peak hours?
With people wfh now they can go in the middle of their work day, which is what I started doing and noticed it was way crowded still, usually between 10am-2pm. So I'm thinking of going at 7am again. I called my gym and they said it's less busy in the mornings now, and I even read an article to that effect.
I was wondering what others' experience has been over the last year and a half or so. Is it busier in mid-days and less so in the early morning/evening?
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2022.01.22 11:43 Cloouded I swear to god..

Last night I checked my phone at 1am and my phone said it was Sunday. Which mean’t today was Sunday, but nope it’s Saturday. My brain playing tricks on me bruh.
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2022.01.22 11:43 MentalTest2 18 Karma Here❤️

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2022.01.22 11:43 kaianbearin My coworker (Katie) has been extremely passive aggressive, and has escalated to messing with my belongings. The managers had to check CCTV to catch her. She is now being promoted (same company, different project) [IE]

We're both in our mid-20's, and for the first two years we got along well and were friendly. We work for company B, as contractors for company A (who owns the building and runs security). It's a professional environment (but relaxed), and it's very safe to leave your things around/locker unlocked (no phones are allowed in the work spaces though).
A few months ago, we were moved to a different project within the same office/team. This involved training, and a desk change. Katie joined it a few months before me, so I was not present for any early issues. Most of the team knew each other in advance too, except us.
Originally, we sat near each other with a two other girls. A few months ago, there was an issue where these girls reported another coworker. He was older than us, and generally okay, but he has a harsh personality and often says things that can come across as offensive (without meaning to). The things he said were about/to the other two girls, and mostly not in my presence. They never asked me to, but I volunteered to back up anything I witnessed, and remain neutral on anything else. They were not mad or upset about this. I thought it was weird that Katie was doing the main push to report him, because she liked him more than the rest of us did.
While reporting him, she sent screenshots which included an unofficial chat belonging to the new project. This chat didn't have a manager presence, which wasn't allowed, The people in the chat didn't know that, and didn't have bad intentions in making it. Nobody else had said anything bad in the chat, yet her report meant the entire new project got in trouble before it started. Nobody on the new project was aware that Katie reported it, except me. She had told me when I wasn't on the project. I also happened to join days before they got in trouble (though she reported weeks before) After this, she intentionally befriended the guy she reported, and was trying to be as loud/important as possible with this new group.
Over a few weeks, she slowly started to ignore me, start making snide comments at me, and doing passive aggressive things. I didn't even notice it at first, and just before this started she'd directly asked me to buy her coffee, and had been extra friendly with me. I thought I was imagining things, and that if I mentioned it people would think I was going crazy, or starting a fight for no reason. It started with little things like saying good morning or thank you to everyone except me, and opening a door for everyone but me, eating snacks I made for the group without saying thank you (when everyone else did), and then it became rude comments in response to me asking questions. Every other person on the project is friendly. They were definitely closer to her than me, but everyone else is really polite and would engage me in conversations etc.
In November, I heard Katie ranting with Laura (with one of the initial girls we sat with) about someone at the bus stop. They didn't see me because of where I was standing/crowd of people/ heavy rain. Laura was listening and not contributing. Part way through the conversation, I could identify it was about me due to specific details. She mentioned reporting me, mocking mistakes I made etc. I was really upset at this point, and this was the first time I realised she really didn't like me, and I wasn't imagining things.
At that point, I planned to report that conversation, but Laura denied it was about me (she had also been promoted, so she had more authority than me, so I figured I would sound crazy). I was good friends with Laura too, so I trusted her, even if I didn't fully believe her. I also knew even if Katie reported me, that I hadn't done anything wrong to get into trouble. I still have a written record of the email I would have sent.
The last few weeks, my phone kept getting turned off while it was charging. It was at 99 or 100%, and I thought someone was being helpful and turning it off because I forgot about it and left it there too long. I thought I was imagining it too at first, because it didn't happen often.
But last week, it was happening multiple times a day, and while the phone was on low battery. After it happened five times in one day (as little as 10 minutes apart), I decided enough was enough, and I would report it to the manager. Security and the cleaners said it wasn't them (I knew it wasn't because they would formally send an email, or alert the managers if it was an issue). At this point I had strong suspicions it was Katie, and I had also snuck out immediately after her several times to check was it happening then (it was), it never happened on days she was off.
The manager said she'd bring it up at the weekly meeting, and if after getting a chance to stop the person continued, she'd get CCTV. She said to let her know in the meantime if it happened again. The next morning, within two minutes of coming into her desk, this girl had left the office and done it again. I'd followed her out (nobody else had been around in those two minutes, so that confirmed it for me). At this point I was crying, and found the manager. The manager was furious, and told every single person in the office nobody was allowed to tamper with anyone's stuff, and they had one chance to confess, or else she would get CCTV.
Nobody confessed, and she did get the CCTV, and confirmed who it was. She didn't tell me who, but she told me security had spoken to them. I had seen security talking to the girl for 20+ minutes (glass walls and doors), and she was furious all day. The manager has said she's taking the issue further because it was extremely childish, and inappropriate, and because she gave a chance to confess/stop and she didn't. She hasn't touched my phone since then, and she's gone back to passive-aggressively ignoring me. I did mention to the manager I think she doesn't like me, that she's been a bit snappy with me, not saying good morning/thanks to me etc, but I didn't mention much detail.
I can't understand why Katie did this, but my only theory is that maybe she thought if she did it enough she could provoke me into accusing someone/yelling, and then she could report me, and get me into trouble. It seems like a huge personal risk to do something so minor, with no real reward. Plus, generally if you don't like someone, you can just ignore them/or be polite and distant?
Because of the GDPR, and the two companies thing, from what I can understand, requesting CCTV and going between companies requires a paper trail. It sounds like the manager will have to escalate this with HR too. However, I'm concerned not enough is being done/it won't be dealt with fast enough, and they're not aware of the full extent of the issues. I also heard Katie talking today (a private conversation in public) where she insulted the people training us, managers etc. I took written notes of this. I have screenshots of weeks of snappy/rude comments she's made to me, and written records of other incidents.
I'm also concerned that possibly she lied to the group and falsely claimed I reported them, and/or she's trying to push them to stay away from me. However, since the phone incident happened, everyone is disgusted to hear someone would do that. A few of them that seem to have guessed who/may have heard from gossip (some of the girls who were promoted had details) seem to be trying harder than usual to include me in jokes/conversations. But she's still actively trying to push me out of things, and interrupting/dragging people away while I'm talking to them. Others are not aware of this issue, and they're still very friendly with her.
I think her actions since she got caught says even more about the situation. She never apologised, and she's not any less hostile to me. I think her efforts to isolate me have increased, because now I have 1 on 1 training with some of our co-workers (since they started ahead of me), and she seems to be unhappy with that. She's also started being slightly rude to the people I talk to the most (she acts friendly with most people, but these people are in their late 30's and have no time for her behaviour), and they've caught on and mentioned to me they think she's being hostile. It feels a lot more like bullying now.
I did mention my suspicion to the manager - but not as an accusation. I told most of the group what happened with the phone, but not who had done it. I have not said anywhere that I know who it was. I've continued saying good morning/thank you, holding doors open for this girl as usual. None of them knew she was doing it, and none of them were involved.
I also have Aspergers, and my sister is currently battling a severe medical condition (I could get a call any time to say she's in hospital) and Katie is aware of that. My mum thinks if it came down to it, that could be used as further evidence of it being malicious bullying (because she knew I have a disability, and that it would cause harm to me).
Today I found out she got an internal promotion, despite bullying me. Company policy says if you are on any behaviour improvement plan (not sure of the phrasing), you become ineligible for promotion and/or transfer. I'm really upset about this because she's been rewarded for bad behaviour, and I don't feel I'm being taken seriously enough.
I'm wondering how I can proceed - both to protect myself, and to ensure Katie gets the proper punishment for bullying me. I feel like I'm going crazy, and I really don't want to go to work when I know I'll see her. Her internal promotion means she'll be gone in a month or two, so at least that's something... But I can't put up with this any longer, and I really want justice. To be fair, it's likely her new job doesn't know about her behaviour yet. But it doesn't look like she'll ever get punished, and it's horrible knowing she got this job over someone who deserves it more.
Tl;dr: My bully got promoted in work. I don't think it's been taken seriously enough, and she's going to get rewarded for bullying me. I'm not sure what I can do, or how to proceed.
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2022.01.22 11:43 G8rmeat GENESECT RAID NOW 0310 8853 9457 (adding 10)

0310 8853 9457
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2022.01.22 11:43 folsom_prison2309 I now have a broken nose and a black eye

My face has been on ice all day. Yesterday I finally decided to do something about my scheming ex and her woman-stealing fiancé. I don’t care if they’re “happy together,” they ruined MY life.
So I went to the café to get a cup of joe to fuel up before I went and confronted them and before I could even walk into the establishment, BAM, the owner, PUNCHES ME RIGHT IN THE FACE so I wouldn’t go confront Eva because she perceived it as a “threat” against her friends! I was ASSAULTED when all I was trying to do was get some coffee! And then she had the nerve to tell me I couldn’t ever come to her establishment?! Sounds like discrimination to me. Don’t waste your time or money there, or you might get a broken nose with your coffee, because the owner’s deranged!
But then someone gives me the brilliant idea to go egg my ex-girlfriend, Eva and her fiancé, Seamus’ house. Now my initial partner in crime chickened-out on me because she found out I was talking about Eva, and Eva’s pregnant. When I asked how the hell the woman and her tyke is affected by any of this, some idiot said that leaving a mess for a pregnant lady to clean up was cruel. Only, I still didn’t understand why it would be, so with my broken nose, in the middle of the night, I went to egg the house.
My big mistake was hitting the bedroom window with the first egg because before I got to throw any more, Eva’s military-man fiancé comes flying outta the house! Before I could even make a run for it, the psycho’s knocked me TO THE GROUND and PUNCHED my left eyeball to the back of my head!!! Hurt like a 🤬! I passed out and Eva drove me to the ER. Not a drop of remorse. I’ve never seen her this angry or silent.
I’m done. It’s like I just can’t win. I’m still not happy for them, still wish them the worst, but I’m done. Apparently Huey Bult has got a girl named Mildred he wants to introduce me to. Maybe I’ll give her a shot. In the meantime, anyone got any remedies for a broken face? I wanna make a good impression.
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2022.01.22 11:43 DrMcMeow Ceremony marks manufacturing’s return to former mill in Madison

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2022.01.22 11:43 Vrach88 Cut through EM [Redacted] like butter

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2022.01.22 11:43 angel9580 Pros and cons list about industry vs big4. What are yours?

To preface this, I’m an A2 at B4 and a lot of my friends are looking to jump, but I genuinely have no idea what I want to do (as I’m sure many don’t). So here’s my list of leaving/staying:
Pros of leaving/cons of staying: - better work life balance (generally) - higher salary bump initially (however could have diminishing returns)
Pros of staying/cons of leaving: - can move around in different industries and different service lines to see what kind of role you like best - if you stay till partner, your salary could be higher than what you’d ever make in industry - growth (in role and salary) in industry could be stagnant if you are just waiting for the people above you to retire so you get a promotion - most people in big 4 are at your age level with similar lifestyles, whereas industry can be vastly different and a bit harder to make friends - if you leave early with no idea of what you want to do, you could be job hopping for years just trying to find the role you actually like
That’s it. Obviously it’s skewed to one side since i haven’t experienced industry, so feel free to add to either side
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2022.01.22 11:43 kioshikaisinon Linux laptop

New today about linux and can I buy any laptop in order to use linux? Or do i need specific specs in order to implement it smoothly? Thank you.
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2022.01.22 11:43 MantisMantis3 Ribeye and home made frites w/ some blue.

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